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Tour of 'Most Expensive' Hotel in the U.S. Is Downright Impressive

Anyone would jump at the chance to stay here.

When picking out a place to stay, most of us are usually trying to find the best option that still fits in our budget. How luxurious a place might be is usually not part of the decision making process — at least, not for every trip. The idea of checking into a five star hotel, putting on a cushy robe, and ordering room service is the way we'd start every vacation if we could! 

But whether or not you have room in the travel budget to splurge or not, you're going to want to see this impressive hotel. According to this TikTok video from @chicstays, this is reportedly the most expensive hotel in the United States, and after seeing this footage, we can totally understand why! 

Located in a remote 600-acre property in Canyon Point, Utah, this hotel is called Amangiri, and it truly looks like you've left the US and arrived in another country. When guests first arrive, the views are incredible, and there are huge windows everywhere that make it easy to take it all in. 

The hotel's design and decor are both very minimalistic — we're getting vibes similar to the way Kim Kardashian has decorated her house — but that just means all the focus is on the nature around you. Every room has a private patio with a fireplace that overlooks the rock formations that the hotel was built around, and it looks like the ideal way to spend a chilly night relaxing.

According to the hotel's website, Amangiri offers several different dining options, as well as experiences you can't get anywhere else, like yoga on the rocks and a 25,000 square foot spa. 

But given that "most expensive" title, it won't surprise you to find out that it will cost you over $3,000 per night to stay here. Whoa!

This is such a unique place, and that uniqueness definitely seems to come with a price. Pretty cool to see, though!