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Incredible Image of the Moon Rising Behind 'Space Mountain' at Disney Is Pretty Amazing

This is a once-in-a-lifetime shot!

When we think of Disney World, we think of fun rides, all the Mickey shaped snacks we could ever dream of... and yes, plenty of photo ops for Instagram. Whether you're dreaming of that perfect shot of your Starbucks coffee with the castle in the background or something more low key, you're likely going to find it in the Magic Kingdom.

But this photography is truly next level and it's making us look at theme parks in a totally different light, thanks to @somewareatdisney on TikTok. He shared a video of how he got the perfect shot of the moon rising behind Space Mountain, and it's truly breathtaking. Whoa! 

Of course, this took a lot of skill, patience, and obviously, the right equipment, so it's not likely this is something amateur photographers are capturing on their phones during their family vacation. But truly, that makes it all the more impressive — and if anyone out there is a skilled photographer, this certainly serves as some solid inspiration!  

The comments on the video were all filled with admiration and awe, especially considering that he managed to get this shot while standing in the Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland!

"Wow, never would have thought you could see Space Mountain from there! Beautiful!" one person said.

Others were begging to have the photo so they could use it as their phone background, and we can definitely see why!

This is a gorgeous shot.