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Video Showing Breathtaking View From a Rest Stop in Montana Is Beyond Impressive

This isn't your average roadside pulloff.

Rest stops are a necessary evil when it comes to road trips. They're not always luxurious, but they're a place to go when nature calls without getting too far off of your route. Usually, we just hope they have a good vending machine, but what one rest stop in Montana had to offer has gone above and beyond.

When one couple stopped during a drive in their RV, they were amazed at what they saw and shared the video on TikTok. And now, thanks to @mtmanmichalak, we have a new reason to visit. We knew that it was a gorgeous state, but we just expected the rest stop to be all concrete and pavement and maybe a few trees here and there. You've gotta see this!

This might as well be a legit hiking destination and not just an area on the side of the road for how beautiful this is. Water, trees, mountains... the only thing that makes it better is how hysterical their reactions are in the background of the video.

Commenters seemed to be impressed as well. One person wrote, "I’ve traveled the country and Montana is top 3 for sure!! Stunning!! But winter count me out." 

That's fair — it might be a bit chilly there in the winter months, but this view might just be worth it.

Add "road trip through Montana" to our travel bucket list. There aren't many other places in the US you'll see a view like this one when you stop to take a bathroom break.

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