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Man's Impersonation of Moms Posing for Vacation Pictures Is Going Viral

If you're going on a vacation with your family, posing for the quintessential "family vacation" photos is a must. Whether mom is a scrapbook junkie or posts them up on Facebook and Insta, either way you've gotta capture those memories in photo form. Over time, many moms have developed a standard set of go-to "poses" that they use for their vacation photos.

TikTok comedian @jezbreezy must have gone on quite a few family vacations to develop his impression. In this video, he nails the "mom vacation pose" to a T!

LOL! His impression is totally on point. The cheesy smile, the awkward squat, always having to put their hands on something- it's all there. Wonder how his mom feels about getting read like this, LOL.

His impressions rang true to his viewers as well. "The tree holding, it's too true," laughed @murrois. "They always be holding some random object," agreed @xoxomandyyyxoxo. "The lil crouch for no reason," @tskcommatsk pointed out. Why do all of our moms do these kinds of poses? It's some weird cultural constant and we're not sure where they got their start.

Commenters included their favorite "mom photo" tropes they've noticed in their own families. "They say they need to make it look natural," laughed @anasuya12610- oh, the irony! "Always one with some random person she meets and will never see again," @josietay25. Actually, we think that one's really sweet... sometimes we make a buddy just for the period of a vacation, and it's nice to have something to remember them by after they're gone.

We certainly love to laugh at the silly quirks our parents display, especially when it comes to memorabilia like family photos. But we do it out of love- it's those silly quirks that make our loved ones who they are!

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