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Mom's Honesty About What She Does on Work Trips Is All Too Relatable

We'd do exactly the same thing!

A lot of people find joy in traveling for work — it's not a vacation, but it does allow for a change of routine and the chance to see somewhere new on the company's dime. But for some moms, it really is more like a vacation than you'd think. The chance to have a hotel room all to yourself and more peace and quiet than what you're used to can be a pretty refreshing break. 

If that sounds like heaven to you, there's a very good chance you're going to relate to this mom on TikTok! In a video from @sometimesjanice, one mom really sums up what traveling for work is like when you leave the kids behind so perfectly.

She outlined what happens the second she's done with her FaceTime call to her husband and kids: "Proceeds to fire up the longest shower of my life, pour a heavy glass of pinot noir and watches trash reality TV in silence with lights out by 9:30." 

Yep, that definitely sounds like she's making the most of that solo time she gets on her work trip! And whether you have kids or not, it's hard to argue with this sounding like a pretty good night.

Fellow moms who could relate chimed in with comments of their own... including one mom, who reminded her not to forget the Uber Eats food delivery straight to her hotel.

"Okay I feel seen and exposed all at the same time here!" one mom wrote. That pretty much sums it up.

We miss our kids so much when we're away, but we can't deny that a break is often essential to our mental health. There's nothing wrong with that!