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Mom's Kind Gesture Toward Woman Traveling With a Baby Warms Our Hearts

Flying is notoriously tricky for parents with small children, especially when one parent is flying without their partner. Sometimes people are harsh to parents and their crying, fussy kids on airplanes, but other parents tend to be more understanding- they've been there before themselves.

TikTok influencer @annalynncook is a mother of two, but recently went on a solo trip sans kids to Denmark. Noticing another woman traveling with her child on her plane, she extended a kind gesture that warmed our hearts. 

This is seriously so sweet and genuine. Many people don't appreciate how hard traveling with children can be, especially with parents going solo. We could all be better about extending empathy to parents with young kids on board our airplane (bringing good headphones helps a lot with the noise, that's all it takes). Anna Lynn offered her fellow mom services to this woman and built her up, making her feel supported on her journey rather than self-conscious. What a heartwarming gesture.

Moms often stick together on flights, and these gestures are seriously appreciated by harried parents. "I did the same thing, then the mom asked me mid-flight if I could hold her baby so she could go to the bathroom. I was so happy to help!" recalled @beatrizzzzn. "There needs to be more of this! I flew with my two year old and 6 week old. While my toddler had a meltdown, another mom held my baby. So grateful!" appreciated @katy_culver.

"Saw a mom at MCO w/ an infant and 2 toddlers. Dropping all her stuff in TSA, going to the wrong gate, etc. I was only one who helped. Good to see!" shared @lbtaylor91. "I walked up and down the aisles with a strangers baby while she slept because they just flew in from Australia. Be kind always," advised @ckobra5. 

We could always be better about exercising empathy with strangers. The kindness and understanding that Anna Lynn and other travelers like her have shown young parents is truly special, and we'd love to see more of it. Good job showing us how it's done, Anna Lynn!

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