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Mom Shares Simple Tip for Making Flying With a Toddler Bearable

One of the biggest struggles a new parent can face is flying with their young child. Toddlers have that wild rambunctious toddler energy that's so hard to contain and often get pretty fussy as well. What's a parent to do to keep their toddler calm while flying?

Luckily, TikTok user @joyandjournal shares a solution that may be a balm for tired parents. She put it to use with her toddler on a recent flight and it worked like a charm!

Honestly, it's some pretty sage advice. It does mean buying an extra seat on the plane, but for some parents, the price is well worth it- and if the child is 2 or older, they'll need to have their own seat anyway. She's using some pretty clever psychology- the kid is used to his car seat, so he knows how he's supposed to behave while he's in it. Combined with a tablet to keep him calm, it's an effective balm for making a young child chill out on the plane.

Other traveling parents who had done this also attested to its effectiveness. "I understand it’s more expensive but d*mn it makes the best trip ever!! Plus if you have a small compact stroller you can use it as the carry-on," recommended @llamamamahere0_0. "And then you don't have to worry about the airline losing the car seat either!" added @kayceewithakay- another good point for parents who need to bring a car seat with them anyway.

Even flight attendants were chiming in to recommend this method. "As a flight attendant....can 10000% confirm that the kids in car seats are much more happy. no drama with seatbelts and sitting down," shared @danielle81886. It's got the flight attendant seal of approval, so you know it's good.

Traveling with small children is already tough enough as it is. Hopefully, parents can make use of this method on their next plane trip and gain back some of their sanity!

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