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Mom's Airport Surprise for Her Kids Is Giving Us All the Feels

We can't resist a good military reunion.

Unless you've experienced it yourself, it's hard to truly know how heartbreaking it is to be away from your kids for an extended period of time — and that includes those who are in the military. Being away from home is just part of the job, but that doesn't make it any easier for the families who are living it every day. 

Still, that means those military reunions are all the sweeter, as @amandapappnutter, a military spouse and mom, shared on TikTok. And she got to surprise her children when her husband came home from his deployment and they had no idea it was happening.

Warning: This might make you cry! 

"I took my kids out for dinner. Afterward, instead of driving home, I drove to the airport. When they realized where we were, they knew immediately why," she shared. "Their daddy is finally home after 6 months. They have missed him so much, but they have been so strong. Military kids are amazing." 

Seeing their excitement as they saw their dad when he appeared in the airport is just too sweet — and yes, there was crying involved! 

They were so happy to see their dad, and something tells us the feeling was mutual. So sweet! 

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