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Mom's Story of Sleeping on the Toronto Airport Floor With 3 Kids Has People Up in Arms

Air travel has really gotten out of control this summer.

Even for the most experienced travelers, flying can be really brutal right now, and the fact that everyone seems to be headed out on vacation this summer certainly isn't helping matters. We've seen so many horror stories about flight cancellations and long lines at the airport, and it seems that those are just scratching the surface of what's really going on. 

A news channel in Toronto shared a horrifying story on TikTok about a mom who was stuck in the airport overnight with her three children (including a baby) and left to sleep on the floor after her flight was delayed — despite the fact that she was promised a hotel room and meals for her trouble.

It got even worse after that. The next morning, her flight was pushed back another three days, which left her stranded with her children — ranging in age from 15 to 6 months — even longer. 

After taking two more flights, this mom still hadn't reached her destination, and hearing the frustration in her voice is so heartbreaking. We can't imagine! 

Many of the thousands of commenters on the video are demanding that something be done to help this mother, even tagging Air Canada in the process. 

"I can’t imagine trying to handle 3 babies with sleep, feeding, bathroom/diapers stuck in an airport," one commenter said.

It seems like avoiding flying if possible is the way to go right now. Hopefully, this mom and her kids were able to get home safely. 

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