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Mom's Honest Review of 'Disneyland Paris' Has Us Ready to Book a Trip

When you hear the word "Disneyland," most likely you're going to think of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, or perhaps even Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. However, there are Disney Parks all over the world, such as Tokyo Disney or Disneyland Paris, formerly known as Euro Disney. While the American parks are the most universally renowned, the international parks have their claim to fame too!

Professional TikTok travel mom @mrsblinks is no stranger to Orlando's Walt Disney World: she and her family live nearby and are annual passholders. However, while backpacking across Europe with her family, she decided to switch things up and try out Disneyland Paris for a change. Here's what she had to say:

Honestly, this sounds incredible. It's less crowded, and the rides are better? That sounds like a great time! Ok, and lowkey, the Maleficent dragon underneath the castle looks super freakin' cool too. There's not quite as much stuff as Walt Disney World has, and she does admit that WDW has a special kind of magic you can't find anywhere else, but she still glowingly recommends Disneyland Paris, and after watching her brief travelogue with her family, we're wishing we were there too!

Viewers who had experienced Disneyland Paris shared their opinions as well. "We love Disney Paris. So much more chill," agreed @kerstinpalmer. Many agreed that stuff felt more intense at the Paris park too! "Omg their Big Thunder Mountain (which isn’t normally scary at DW) and Tower of Terror is way scarier at Paris," said @nicoleavp. "I felt the same about it. The spookiness... Totally agree," remarked @mrswicked147.

There's actually a second Disney park there too: it's called Walt Disney Studio Park, and it's a similar analog to Hollywood Studios in Orlando. So what's the best way to experience all of Paris' Disney Parks? User @brennieswaggy recommends this plan of attack: "I always say 3 days: 1 in the park, 1 in the studios, and 1 for shopping and things that didn't make the first 2 days." If we ever visit Paris, we'll be sure to check it out!

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