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Woman's Parody of Being the Designated 'Mom' on a Weekend Trip Is So On-Point

We think that all the ladies in our readership who've ever been on a girl's trip can relate to this fact: either there's always a "mom" of the friend group who's lowkey holding everything down, or you ARE the mom friend! 

TikTok user @you_breccia finds her taking on the role of the mom friend a lot on girl's trips... so much so, in fact, that she made a TikTok detailing what it's like from her perspective. This is honestly so on point!

 This is too real. Again, we'd bet that either you immediately thought of a friend who's just like this, or you realized that you're that friend. Where would we be without our friend group mom? They're the glue that holds it all together and keeps disaster at bay!

So many of the viewers related to this realness. "This is me and I would love it if someone else did it," commented @wendel_the_bengals. "It’s the best when you have some rotating moms," replied @you_breccia. This is the best, though- the mom friends deserve a chance to cut loose too! "But like the nap is REALLY important in keeping everyone happy," insisted @hannajetske. Oh, yeah- especially when you've been out in the sun all day? 100%

"I wish it wasn’t me but it most definitely is. Specifically the sunscreen and local bakery run," admitted @down2chill. "It's me too, but for everyone saying it's exhausting, nobody asks us to do this. Lean in or lean out, either is fine," related @comphomo. Hey, some people are just right for the role!

This video has made us appreciate our friend groups so much, particularly our mom friends. Just remember to pitch in more and give them a chance to relax too! And if you are a mom friend, don't forget to take time to relax and enjoy yourself... you've got this.