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Mom's Video About the Reality of Taking Kid-Free Vacations Makes Us LOL

This is so true!

Let's be realistic here: Calling a vacation with your children a vacation is very generous, because what it actually ends up being is nowhere close to the actual definition of the word. No one is relaxing, no one is recharging — you're just parenting in a different (and usually more challenging) location. 

That's why kid-free vacations always hit differently, and as @madnatorr2 perfectly illustrated in a TikTok video, the reality of the situation is that rest comes first. Sure, we might have a huge list of sights we want to see, bars we want to visit, and activities that would never fly with our kids in tow, but is that what actually ends up happening? 

Nope. As the video reveals, what actually ends up happening is sleep — and honestly, isn't that what vacation is for? When the kids aren't around, we have to take the opportunity to catch up on all the sleep we miss by being parents, regardless of how old the children are. Who's going to miss out on that? 

These parents definitely aren't alone, according to the many comments on the post... several of which are coming from people who are feeling a bit called out right now!

Although one did point out something important, writing, "You forgot the FaceTiming your kids 4 times a day." Yep, we always miss them when we're away!

Vacations are for naps, if you're lucky enough to have the chance to take them. Don't feel guilty about catching some Zs in a comfy hotel bed!

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