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Daughter Shows Off Her Mom's Gorgeous Holiday Outfits and People Can't Get Enough

This woman is absolutely stunning.

When it comes to clothes on vacation, people are so different. Some like to be in fully relaxed mode, skipping the dressy outfits and opting for a casual wardrobe only, while others like to go all out so they look amazing in their vacation photos. 

If you fall into that second category and you're looking for a little inspiration for your next trip, look no further — @emiliacookey (and her mom) on TikTok has you covered. While on holiday, Emilia documented every outfit that her mom wore, and they're truly stunning. Mama looks so good!

After seeing these outfits, it's easy to see why this mom's daughter said she's "always getting compliments from strangers." She looks amazing! This woman has a sundress collection that anyone would be envious of, and even her more laid-back looks are more put together than most of us look on our best days. 

It also helps that she was posing against some seriously beautiful backdrops... and that mom herself is a beauty as well, as people were happy to point out in the comments in the video.

"She is beautiful! Where did she get those clothes? I love the first dress so much. Your Mom could wear a paper bag and look great, she’s a beauty," one person wrote.

Anthropologie even commented offering to send her some new pieces — how cool!

We're taking note of this mom's vacation style. We might not look as good as she does, but we can try!