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Mom's Attempt To Drink Her Way Through Every Country in Epcot Is a Riot

Epcot is probably the Disney World park most geared towards gourmands- after all, the Epcot Food And Wine Festival is a hit year after year, and each "country" in the World Showcase has its own distinctive cuisine. We also feel it's the park most geared towards adults, which is great- because among all those amazing culinary options lies a treasure trove of boozy beverages. 

When Haley Stark (aka @thehaleystarkshow on TikTok) visited Epcot with her family, her mom had a mission- to drink her way through each country in the park. As you'd expect, things got pretty silly, pretty quick!

OMG! We were crying laughing at this! She's definitely a valiant trooper, but you can tell that was the kind of night that gets followed up with a Pedialyte and Advil "breakfast" the next morning. We hope she wasn't hurting too bad the next day. If nothing else, she made us literally LOL! She holds up pretty well at first, but when drink #4 hits you can tell she's past the point of no return, and by the end of the night... LMAO! We like that she picked up an extra friend on the last drink.

Naturally, we weren't the only ones laughing along. "The difference between drink 3 and 4 absolutely kills me every time," laughed @carlys..m. "Remy showing up randomly in #9 took me OUT," exclaimed @kaylamckeonn. "The moment she said “where am I” I knew it was over," remarked @lamondry. Oh for sure, that was an immediate tell.

"I love the continued “at Epcot” addition at each stop. Just in case we thought she had drunkenly made her way to the real Italy," @femignarly chuckled. LOL! "I love how whenever people start drinking the instinct to stand on tables/chairs/benches kicks in immediately LMAO," @syderf_huffelpfph pointed out. Listen, it's a vibe, she's at Epcot, she's blitzed- she's living it up here!

And as sloshed as this mom may have gotten, all things considered, she held her liquor pretty well. "When I drank around Epcot I punched a seagull… I was drunk," admitted one user. Yikes! We're glad to report that no birds were injured on this mom's pub crawl... or is it a "country crawl" in this case?

Haley's mom is honestly an inspiration here. We've got a new challenge to try and complete the next time we visit Epcot... 

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