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Video of Mom Urging Her Daughter to Hit on a Guy at the Airport Is Totally Classic

LOL. When it comes to dating, sometimes, moms just can’t resist putting their two cents in. After all, they want their kids to be happy, in a healthy relationship, and, of course, settled down, so that the pitter patter of little feet becomes a possibility. And when one mom recently spotted a nice looking fella while traveling through the airport with her daughter, she took it upon herself to offer up a piece of advice.

The video of the whole situation was shared on TikTok by @sjmcgriff. In the clip, you’ll see a woman with her feet propped up on her suitcase, looking in the direction of a handsome guy in line by the gate. When her mom notices that she’s checking him out, she gives her daughter a tip on how to make her move. This is just too funny!

HA! The old, “Do you have the time” trick works like a charm, right? Of course, the daughter quickly noted that she was wearing her own watch, so it might’ve been a little too obvious had she approached this dude. 

And while this chance encounter in the airport might not have resulted in a love connection, TikTok users think mom deserves some accolades. One user, @lori.taylor1995 said, “Listen to your mom, but first take off your watch 😁.” HA! That might’ve worked. Another commenter, @Susan joked, “I completely underestimated how much being a mom would mean being a wingman for my kids 😂.” And @jboston2207 added, “Lol your mom sounds awesome and has good taste.”

Then there was @Priyah Krishnan, who had her own mom story to share, saying, “My mom asked for extra can of beer & told me to offer it to the guy sitting next to me & pretended to be asleep the whole time when him & I chatted 😂.” LOL. Epic! 

And if you were curious as to where these two were heading on their girls trip? Looks like their first stop was in Ireland.

Gorgeous view! But wait, it gets better. Next, they jetted off to Paris.

Perhaps mom will have better luck convincing her to hit on a guy there? Fingers crossed.

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