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Mom's Elated Reaction to Picking Her Daughter Up at the Airport Is Too Cute

Lately, seeing classic airport reunions is something that brings a serotonin rush to all of us. After people have been apart, the long-awaited moment when they finally see each other is just the best. It's just such a relief to see your loved ones after a long journey, too.

And in a new video that was shared on TikTok by @emilyfawcett, we get to see yet another heartwarming scenario, this time, of a mom waiting at the airport to pick up her daughter who just flew in. Check out mom's reaction when the creator got off the flight and found her in the airport terminal. We're so here for it! 

OMG, that scream says it all. It just made our hearts burst to see that mom's pure excitement. People agree that this is the reaction we all hope to receive after our arrival. Some folks are even chiming in on what their parents reactions are like. TikTok @rachwater54 said, "My mom acts like I just got home from the war." LOL, so true. Everyone is tagging their friends in the comments, since they can relate this video to their own experiences. Another commenter, @hyun, chimed in with, "@alexislj05 us every time we see each other." Aww, so cute! 

It's actually too bad that this video is only 6 seconds long. We would've loved to see mom jump up and give her daughter a big, huge bear hug! Something tells us this was only the start of a wonderful, happy reunion between these two.

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