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Mom's Video About the Reality of Coming Back From Vacation Is All Too Relatable

Exactly everyone feels like this after a trip.

There's nothing that hits harder than reality after coming back from vacation. Getting back into the routine of work, doing chores, going to the grocery store... these mundane, every day tasks are somehow so much worse after vacation than they were before. 

And then, there are the more minor things we notice after being away from home for awhile, as @karen.disapproves shared on TikTok. Coming home from vacation is one of those rare times you get to experience what it's like to walk into your house as an outsider. 

This mom and her family coming home from vacation and realizing what their house actually smells like to insiders is too real — we've all had this feeling! It's not always a pleasant one, though... houses that have sat empty for a week or two are not always the freshest.

People are really relating to this video, and many of them flocked to the comments to share their own versions of being hit with this reality.

"Like a week after we brought baby home my husband went to the store and came back and texted his family 'how come no one told us our house stinks?'" one woman wrote. 

Another commenter said, "Why! Why is this a thing? It’s happened 3 times and I freaked out thinking our home smells."

At least the smell of our house sitting stagnant is a good reminder to refill our air fresheners, if nothing else? 

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