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Mom's Reaction to Leaving Kids to Go to Cancun Is Unexpected

She really should just embrace the alone time.

If you're a parent, you already know that it's an experience that comes with a lot of emotions... and sometimes, they're in total conflict with each other. Most of us know what it's like to count down to bedtime, only to look at the photos we've taken of our kids that day once they're asleep! And no matter how much you need a break from parenting, leaving them for an adults only vacation can sometimes feel like torture.

If this all sounds a bit too familiar to you, you're definitely going to relate to this TikTok video from @bdfagan. Here, we can see a mom at the airport, waiting to board her flight to Cancun with her husband for a kid-free trip... but by looking at her, we'd think she was going to a funeral instead.

In the first part of the clip, we see people anxiously lining up to board the plane, ready to get their vacation started. And then, the camera pans to Mom, who's sitting in the corner with her suitcase, looking absolutely miserable.

"All these happy people boarding a flight to Cancun, and my sad wife because she's leaving our kids," says the caption on the footage.

Oh, poor mama. We have to laugh because we've been there. No matter how crazy they might be driving you, it can feel impossible to say goodbye to your kids, even for a fun vacation. We miss them when they're not with us... even if when they are with us, we desperately want a break.

And as silly as it might have looked, plenty of fellow parents in the comments totally understood. 

"As a mom I’m always like I need a break then I get one and I’m sad and feel like a failure," one commenter wrote.

Another advised, "Let her cry and have those emotions so she gets them out and then can party with you." 

Something tells us this mom managed to have a blast as soon as she arrived at her destination. We hope that she was able to have fun and enjoy what we're sure was a much needed break!