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Mom Accidentally Books X-Rated Hotel and Her Son's Reaction Is Priceless

It's no surprise that people often book hotel rooms to, well, fool around. Some hotels are even designed to be used specifically for erotic encounters, from the "love hotels" popular in Japan and Korea to swingers resorts like the Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. One thing's for certain though- these aren't exactly places you'd want to stay on a family vacation.

Unfortunately, one mother didn't research her hotels carefully enough before booking a room for her family vacation, leading to a kinkier experience than this family bargained for! TikTok user @rhys_duncan24 gives us a mini-tour of his family's London hotel room, with the opening text to the video reading "POV your mom accidentally booked a sex hotel for family vacation." LMAO... talk about awkward!

LOL! We can't stop laughing at this! This is the mix-up of a lifetime. If his parents were booking a honeymoon trip, we'd understand, but- nope, family vacay! It's just too good.

At least it looks nice, very sleek and... well, sexy. LOL. "It’s a vibe tho," agrees @urfavflawjhit. "It’s camp and she gets it," adds another user. Oh, tea. Have we considered that his mom might be a kitschy camp icon and booked it for the vibes?  Of course we're joking, but when you've got a mix-up like this, you have to laugh.

Some users wanted to know a bit more about this hotel for their own purposes. "My friend wants to know where this is..." asked one user- we'll be nice and leave them anonymous. User @foster_moore_kittens chimed in with the answer: "It's called ME Hotel in London, it's not technically a sex hotel but they do have passion rooms 😂." LOL, so poor mom really did just make an unlucky guess on the room choice!

The family may have not appreciated this sleazy surprise, but others might enjoy these accommodations. If you're planning a sexy getaway in London with your lover (or lovers... we don't judge), consider checking out the ME Hotel and their passion rooms. Just, uh, steer clear if you're planning a family reunion.

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