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Man's Determination to Be First in Line at the Minnesota State Fair Has People Cheering

One of the biggest annual attractions in Minnesota, and indeed in the overall Great Lakes region of the US, is the Minnesota State Fair. Attracting around two million visitors each year, this massive fair has gained many superfans over the years. 

This year, one such superfan was determined not just to go to the Minnesota State Fair- he was going to be the very first one in line! A local Fox news station, @fox9mn, went on the scene with fair fanatic Jordan Johnson, who got in line 11 hours before the fair's opening, to get his story.

This dude is COMMITTED to this fair! Lowkey, we have to laugh that this whole thing was started by a sports rivalry- Jordan just couldn't stand to see a Packers fan be the first one into the Minnesota State Fair a second time! Moreover, we just love his enthusiasm for the fair and hearing him talk about his favorite aspects of it. His joy is infectious!

His fellow Minnesotans seemed to be quite pleased with this representation of Minnesota pride. "Did this to spite a Packer fan. SO Minnesotan," said @papazwah. "The most Minnesotan accent I’ve ever heard," observed @oatmilkprincess. "He is me. Loves fried Snickers, hates Packers fans," said @lilhardsoda. Others simply had to admire our man Jordan's drip: "The Adidas tracksuit… really," remarked one user.

As a fun bonus, some of the viewers even knew Jordan personally! "Known Jordan all his life! Great guy and no one loves the MN fair more than him," praised @brittny1184. With all that in mind, we think there's no one better to represent the Minnesota State Fair. We hope Jordan has a total blast!