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Andrew Zimmern's Minnesota State Fair Hack Is a Total Must-Try

One of the best parts of any fair is the over-the-top, gloriously unhealthy, fair food. From simple classics like funnel cakes to heart-stopping food innovations like fried candy bars- or even deep-fried butter!- the fair is one place where you can let your cravings run amok.

Where better to experience the best in fair food, then, but at the famous Minnesota World's Fair! Andrew Zimmern, who you may know as the host of the Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, came up with an ingenious food hack while visiting the iconic fair, sharing it to his TikTok account @andrew.zimmern. While the 2022 Minnesota State Fair ended yesterday, you can hold onto this hack for next year- or try making a dupe at your local state fair!

Oh, this we love. A lot of places at fairs will sell ready-made root beer floats, but they'll often use cheap soft serve. No, Andrew says- when it comes to the ice cream, shell out for the good stuff separately, then combine with the root beer for the best experience. It looks delicious!

Of course, some had slight critique's of Andrew's methods. "Umm…just drink the 1/4 of the root beer down on your way to the ice cream stand. Don’t waste your money on 3/4 fill!" said @starwarswhiskeyguy. Alright, fair enough- get your money's worth!

Overall though, this food hack was a hit. "1919 is perfect for rootbeer floats. It's very low in carbonation, not great for drinking, but my first thoughts were it'll be good for floats," chimed in @anthonyalaverga. "The Nitro Ice Cream was phenomenal! The best, hands down!!" agreed @beanie7190. "His ability to do that with two hands and no table in sight is what sells it for me," admired @theflyingminx. Oh, for sure, his form was impeccable, 10/10.

The potential combinations are limitless, too! "I do that at Ren fests, I get the $8 birch beer in a big metal cup and get a waffle cone," recommended @splatthappy. "In Australia coke and ice cream is called a spider" shared @jachowl. Yummm. How would you put together your perfect ice cream float?