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View From Hotel Balcony in Milan 'Shopping Center' Takes Our Breath Away

We all know what a classic American mall looks like, with concession stands at every corner, big outlet stores, and children running around everywhere. But in other countries, malls look completely different. This specific one in Milan, Italy is the total opposite of any mall in the United States. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @dwaroundtheworld, they show this gorgeous and unique hotel that is located in the Milan "shopping center." Not only are the views to die for, but the ambiance is nothing like you've ever seen. You would never believe that this would be a hotel, check it out!

Whoa! The view from this hotel is pretty incredible. And we wouldn't refer to that as a shopping center. It's more like a shopping paradise! Honestly, staying at this place is a great two-for-one deal for those who love to shop when they travel but don't want to go far. People who viewed the clip are wondering how the creator didn't know that this shopping center was one of the most famous in the world. Like user @kay1234x, who said, "There’s no way you didn’t know you were staying in the Galleria." Huh. We guess this hidden gem isn't so hidden after all. LOL!

However, many didn't know that this gorgeous place existed. Like user @franciscoramos981, who said, "I did not know they had a hotel there!?!? Ugh I missed out!!! 😭." If only they'd seen this TikTok! If you're curious about exactly where you can find this hotel, the creator gave us the scoop in the comments. They said, "It’s called Galleria Vik Milano in Milan 😁." If you're ever in Italy, you should definitely check this place out. 

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