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Woman's Joke About Her Midwest Neighbor's Behavior at the Beach Cracks Us Up

This couldn't be more spot-on!

People from the midwest are known for a lot of things, but what usually comes to mind first is their accents and how friendly they are, and a new video on TikTok managed to capture both of those qualities perfectly.

In a video that @theholdernessfamily shared on TikTok, a woman pretended to be her neighbor from the midwest who she invited along to the beach for the day. She started strong by complaining about the heat and whipping out a full cooler of "morning snacks" (which included more than one homemade dish) that she planned on enjoying with a beer.

At one point, she even compared her sunburn to a contour, even though it was definitely not making her look like she was glowing. LOL! 

You really have to watch the video for the full effect, especially to hear that accent, which, if you've ever met anyone from the midwest (or if you're from there yourself) you know is terribly accurate. 

"Michigan here. Make fun of us all ya want, but when you need literally ANYTHING, you’ll know who to call," one person commented.

Another added, "Being from the Midwest, I feel seen!!! 'At the lake, we’d be through a Mary right now!' That may or may not have happened this weekend." 

They might say some off the wall things sometimes, but we do love our midwestern neighbors. At least we know they'll always have snacks! 

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