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Hilarious Video That Spoofs a Midwest Guy Visiting London Is Spot-On

It's funny being a tourist in an unfamiliar place. While it's so much fun getting to discover new things and immerse yourself in a culture different than your own, you may end up looking a little bit like a fish out of water! American tourists are notorious across the world for sticking out in this way-but to be fair, we laugh at ourselves about it too.

TikTok comedian @charlieberens is currently performing in London. One of his characters is "Midwest Tourist"- so naturally, he had to bring his character abroad, too!

This had us laughing out loud! We'll never see a double-decker bus without thinking about Culver's ever again. It's so true, too- sure, it's played up a bit, but we all do this a little bit when we travel abroad. Comparing our surroundings to stuff back home, cracking corny jokes, catching up with the different lingo, adjusting to local differences- such as encountering different electric sockets in different parts of the world, that part was so real- he captured the vibe of a Midwestern tourist abroad perfectly!

Charlie's antics were cracking people up in the comments, too- perhaps because some of them hit seriously close to home. "I ALREADY DID THAT “TIME” JOKE AT BIG BEN YEARS AGO," laughed @kk_waters1- look, it's Big Ben, you've gotta say something while you're there! “Get in the queue” too accurate" @jrizzy16 cracked up. "That was me in Germany. Midwest nice is scary to folks across the pond apparently," remarked @squashmother. LOL, it's so true- the stereotypical outgoing American friendliness does come off as kind of intense in some parts of the world!

We definitely know this sketch was true to life, though, because it's not just the tourists who resonated with it- it hit home for the locals, too! "I live in London and this is an ACCURATE representation of all the Wisconsinites in town a few weeks ago," @szbur confirmed. What can we say- we Americans have big personalities!

At the end of the day, though, as long as you're still being courteous, contentious, and respectful to the locals and their culture, there's nothing really wrong with being a bit of a fish out of water. Charlie's ribbing is all in good fun and definitely told from the perspective of a Midwesterner himself. Now if you'll excuse us, it's time for lunch... for some reason, we keep thinking about Culvers' burgers.

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