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Family's Unexpected Mid-Air Flight Cancellation Is a Total Vacation Buzz Kill

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is pretty much behind us and life is getting back to "normal," more people want to travel than ever. Unfortunately, this makes airports less orderly than usual and has caused lots of trouble with staffing shortages. As bad as we want to get away, let's just say the journey of getting from point A to point B might not go as planned these days. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @jessiedaviss, the creator shows what happens when she and her family find out mid-flight that they can't land in Turks and Caicos because the airport is on-strike. Their reactions are nothing short of priceless. 

OMG, could you even imagine?! They must have been so excited about jetting off for a Caribbean vacation, only to find out they had to turn around and go back home. Talk about a serious buzz kill. Many people who viewed the clip are sympathetic to their frustrations, like user @ who said "The rage I would feel." Oh, we would too. Big time.

The plane map in the clip was the icing on the cake, with how it showed the plane going right back to the original destination. Commenters aren't all that surprised, however, because understaffed  airports have become a common occurrence. User @pandasnpuns said, "It's going to be travel chaos all summer, folks. Everyone pack your patience." For people who don't have a sense of adventure or flexibility, road trips just might be the more favorable way to get away this summer. Barring any unforeseen car trouble, at least you have control over whether you get to your final destination. 

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