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Video of Plane in Michigan Appearing to Stand Still in the Sky Is Just Wild

Our world is a wild and mysterious thing with many powerful natural forces. Despite our millennia-worth of innovations, sometimes human forces just aren't enough to overcome the sheer power of nature. 

TikTok user @jo_teachermamabear got to see nature and man duking it out in the skies over her Michigan home. She and her neighbors looked up to the sky to see something that almost looked like it defied the laws of physics- an airplane floated in place in the air, not moving from its spot!

This is crazy! Despite the engines running, the plane is making no headway in the skies. Can you believe that the force of the wind alone is enough to hold the plane from flying forward? We've never seen anything like it!

One user, @7minutesbeforelastcall, gives a succinct explanation of what's actually going on. "It's called a headwind. The wind is blowing at the same speed the engine should be moving the plane, which keeps it stationary." So cool. Thanks for the brief physics lesson!

Of course, commenters had their own takes on this scenario. "Well duh got read the banner he had to stop for a moment 😂," joked @delrose08. Aw, how thoughtful of the pilot! "He's at a red light. duh 😁😂," quipped @tmoney7862. "It’s lagging…. It’s waiting for the Wi-Fi to reconnect. Give it a sec!" said @amandababyjane17. This pilot definitely should have upgraded to fiber optic internet, LOL!

Nature is a neat thing sometimes. We just hope the pilot was able to fly home safely once the wind died down!

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