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Michelin-Star Restaurant Inside the 'Eiffel Tower' Is Straight Out of a Dream

Ahhhhh, Paris, the city of love, lights, dreams, and one of the most famous and unique gastronomic experiences you may ever have. This epic and dreamy Michelin-Star rated restaurant in the Eiffel Tower will exceed your wildest expectations from start to finish and will not disappoint. 

You may go into overload from all the indulging, both visually and physically. But it's so worth every penny and minute. TikTok travel enthusiast @exploringamanda shares her amazing video of this place you will absolutely be adding to your bucket list. Doesn't this all look just so incredible? WOW.

You will feel like royalty at the very special, award winning, 1-Star Michelin rated Jules Verne Restaurant, located inside the Eiffel Tower. Upon arrival, you will be greeted and whisked away to your private elevator that takes you directly into the restaurant. There, you'll be seated in front of floor to ceiling glass windows that offer panoramic city views that are simply breathtaking. The food, ahhh, the food, you have the choice of a five or seven-course Chef prepared pre-fixe' menu that is not only mouthwatering and curated unimaginably beautiful, but beyond anything your palette has ever experienced.  

TikTok fans are gaga over this and want to go now. User @valerieyanford says, "I didn't know there even was one!! I definitely need to do this!!" Another viewer, @andrea.lmaoo simply declares, "A dream." We agree. This looks straight out of a movie, that we want to star in, LOL. Fan @jjakespencer writes, "It’s such a cool experience."

If you're able to actually walk after your food-induced coma before leaving, you should head out to their private observation deck and take in the views from the sky. Simply spectacular, no words can describe it. This experience is an absolute 10 out of 10! One might even cry, it's just so lovely. We hope everyone gets to go here one day.

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