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Wife's Reaction to Husband Surprising Her With a Fancy Suite in Vegas Is Too Cute

Las Vegas is a city of glamour, opulence, and indulgence. If you're taking a trip to the Sin City, why not go all out and enjoy all it has to offer?

One amazing husband understood the assignment, and when his wife's birthday came around, he went all out to spoil her and give her some of the best Vegas had for them. When @chantalmann unlocked the door to her hotel room her husband booked for her, she was likely expecting a nice but generic hotel room. She would soon find out that she got way more.

Oh yeah... he went all out. This is grade-A husband material. We were blown away at just how BIG their suite is! And that view on their huge terrace is just amazing.Of course, this video doesn't come close to showing the whole thing- we didn't even follow the rose petal trail. Luckily, Chantal would soon post a follow-up with a room tour.

Blown away. The chandelier? The huge bathroom? Gorgeous bedroom? What a spectacular suite- especially as a birthday gift for your spouse! We think we found our Husband of the Week winner particularly early this week. "When he said “we only here for one night but we going enjoy ourselves"...tears," said @ggs.esthetic. Seriously, though, that warmed our hearts too- that man knows how to treat his lady right!

"Oh this would be team no sleep," admired @thtchicknina. "Chile I’m bout to take a 5 hour energy every 5 hours cause I’m staying woke for 24 hours. Gotta enjoy All of that Room!! #lovelysurprise!" agreed @and5678dance. IDK... on one hand, we get staying up to take it all in, but on the other hand, that bed looked super comfy. You know the thread count on those sheets has to be out of this world!

This was truly one amazing birthday present, and we hope Chantal and her awesome hubby had an amazing trip to Vegas. If you're curious about this room for your own purposes, this is the Skyline Terrace Suite at the MGM Grand- perhaps you can follow their footsteps for one amazing Vegas getaway!