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Video of Street in Mexico Where 'Gravity is Broken' Has People Buzzing

There are lots of weird and wonderful places all over the world, from super-modern high-tech cities to natural wonders that look like they're from an alien planet. However, one TikTok user, @mambsythefree, claims to have found a town in Mexico where the very laws of physics have broken down!

Mambsy went to a small town in Cancun, Mexico, which, on a cursory glance, looks like just a pretty but generic small town. However, look again- the laws of gravity are evidently "broken" in this topsy-turvy place!

Despite what seems to be a steep incline, the water flows uphill! What is going on? This place looks like something out of Inception!

In case you're wondering what's happening here, we'll clue you in. "It’s an illusion park called Xenses," revealed @jatayb1 in the comments. OK , but how is the water flowing uphill? "Wow. They made a gravity hill, layout of the surrounding land produces an optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope," explained one user. Yep, look at the way the buildings are built and how everyone is standing and walking... it's all an illusion! What a trip, right?

"Gravity is still there my friend otherwise the water will be floating around 😂," joked @youssoufiachraf, LOL, but on a real note, let us know if they ever recreate a zero-G environment at one of these parks- that we'd HAVE to see!

Gravity hills aren't just man-made though, they can appear in nature as well! "Place in Scotland like this, you can roll a ball up a hill, very odd," shared @kindereggstu. "The Electric Brae near Maybole in Ayrshire," confirmed @imbigdave79. Electric Brae is a natural gravity hill- it looks like an uphill slope due to the appearance of the surrounding landscape, but it's actually a downhill slope! So cool! "We have a similar place in Kenya," shared @nyakodumo, referring to the Kituluni Gravity Hill. The more you look, the more you realize that places like this are everywhere!

We both learned a neat thing about optical illusions and were comforted as well, knowing that there aren't any places on Earth where gravity is truly broken- yet.