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Wife's Video of 'See-Through Toilet' at Mexico Resort Certainly Has People Talking

Yeah some things are better left behind closed doors.

Don't get us wrong — we're all about modern, luxurious amenities in hotel rooms, and these days, that includes a lot of glass showers and similar fixtures. If we're alone, it can be really nice to use a bathroom with these features, but all that glass does sometimes mean sacrificing some privacy. 

Case in point: What happened when one couple (@amandaandace) visited a resort in Mexico and shared a glimpse of their bathroom on TikTok, including their "see-through" toilet. Thanks to the glass door that separated the commode from the rest of the bathroom, anyone using the sink would have quite a view of the person on the toilet... and this is something that the husband truly did not appreciate. LOL!

Captioning the video, "When your husband is bathroom shy and the resort toilet is see through," the woman shared what happened when she walked in and went to use the potty while her husband was standing at the sink. As soon as he saw what she was doing, he immediately turned around and left. Ha! 

While plenty of married couples out there are perfectly comfortable taking a bathroom break in front of each other, many others aren't. And what about the people who split a room at this resort with friends? This could pose a major issue! 

There doesn't seem to be much of a point of including a door to the toilet at all if the door is going to be made of glass — and no, those etched stripes do not help conceal anything!