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People Think Couple Caught Video of 'Mermaids' on Dominican Republic Trip

While modern science and advancements in video-capturing technology have undermined a lot of legends and conspiracy theories, there are still tons of true believers out there. One need only check out the massive UFO and paranormal conventions that believers flock to to see that. However, what woman believed she in the Dominican Republic would even push the boundaries of these believers.

TikTok user @dimespi had a beautiful vacation in the Domincan Republic, during which her boyfriend proposed to her! However, after the propopsal they spotted something suspicious in the water...

That's definitely weird, we'll admit. However, she seems to think that it's mermaids in the water? We gotta say, that seems a little bit out there. While sailors used to tell legends of mermaids at sea, over the years they've been debunked as likely manatee or dolphin sightings. People don't still think mermaids are real.... right?

....Evidentally, we're out of the loop. Tons of viewers flocked to the comments to support this theory. "The Caribbean is full of mermaids! That area in particular, bordering Haiti, is known for many stories, esp Dajabon/Pedernales," stated @poshpacino. "Oh yeah the Caribbean is FULL of supernatural creatures. You might've seen some mermaids," agreed @miscurlyfuq. "They wanted that ring girl. Be careful wearing it in the water. They're attracted to love. Blessings," advised @km123_7.

Even those who weren't 100% on the traditional mermaid theory had similar suggestions. "That's Yemaya and her protection," stated @lemondrops2u2, referring to the orisha from the Yoruba religion. "It can also be the ciguapa," suggested @flower.chillld4, referring to the Dominican legend of siren-like creatures with backwards feet. Clearly, we're getting a schooling in world mythology today!

What do you think? Is this just a type of marine creature the couple couldn't identify in the darkeness, or could it be the subject of mythic folklore? We personally think it's the former, but who knows... there's a lot of mystery out there in the world, and some secrets we'll never discover. Perhaps this Dominican vacation had a touch of the supernatural after all. 

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