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Attraction in Vegas Where People Can 'Become Mermaids' Is Like a Fantasy Come True

People are lining up to attend "mermaid school."

Let's face it — most of us have pretended to be mermaids at least once in our lives, even if it was when we were a kid and playing in the pool. Even as adults, we've kind of wished we could go back and live out our Little Mermaid dreams, even though we know it's not possible. But what if it was possible? 

There's an attraction in Las Vegas that's getting people as close to becoming a mermaid as they can get. As @vegasstarfish shared on TikTok, there's a mermaid school at Silverton Casino where you can learn how to be just like Ariel, and the cost isn't nearly as high as we would have expected.

According to the video, the 90 minute experience starts with a tour of the facilities and an up close view of the marine life who live there. Then, there's a mermaid photo op, followed by the experience of getting to don your own fins and swim around, and yes, the fins are very size inclusive. Once those fins are on, you really will look like a mermaid!

People who are in the casino and looking at the tanks will ever see the mermaids swimming around with the fish, and the grand finale includes a mimosa. How can we say no to that? 

All told, "mermaid school" costs $225 per person, and there's a mermaid-themed bar on site, so what's not to love? 

This is so cool, and we love that both children and adults can take part. Who said Vegas is only about gambling?