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Woman's Lunch Trip to 'McDonald's' in Milan Reminds Us Everything Is Better in Italy

You can legit order a hunk of parmesan cheese.

No matter where you are in the United States, you can count on your McDonald's experience to be pretty universal — and that's something that a lot of people love about the fast food chain. The fries, burgers, and nuggets taste the same anywhere you go. But when it comes to the Golden Arches' international locations, it's a totally different vibe.

Sure, you might think you should skip McDonald's while traveling internationally in favor of a more authentic experience, but this TikTok video @gianacarli is making us second guess everything. Seeing what's on the menu at the restaurant in Milan is enough to convince anyone to stop in while traveling.

Not only do they have many of the same items that we know and love, but there are also items on the menu that you'll only find in Italy, making this more of an authentic experience than some might expect. Not only can you order a straight up block of parmesan cheese, but there are also items like Italian panzerotti, a McToast Happy Meal, and desserts including crunchy bread with Nutella and coffee sorbet. Um, what? 

Just looking at how excited this woman was to order all of these delicacies you can't find in the US is affirming how much we want to visit, and finding out that they bring her desserts out after the meal to maintain the fanciness she came there for really cinched it.

"I did the same thing in Rome and was SHOOK at all these options! And the display case was just gorgeous," one commenter wrote.

It wouldn't hurt to add McDonald's to the list next time you're headed to Italy for these kinds of eats!