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Video Showing the 'Craziest McDonald's in Europe' Is Blowing People Away

This isn't your average, ordinary drive-thru joint.

In the United States, most of us know exactly what to expect when we go to McDonalds. Not only do the fries (almost) always taste the same, but the general look of the fast food restaurant is always the same, too. Big yellow arches, lots of red accents — you know the drill. 

But there are certain McDonald's stores around the country and the world that look nothing like what we're used to, depending on their location, and some of them are actually pretty impressive. Case in point: The McDonalds in Andorra, which @countingcountries on TikTok has dubbed the "craziest McDonald's in Europe." 

And after watching the video, we might actually have to agree with that assessment. This is nothing like the drive thru we've been in a hundred times in the US! 

First of all, the menu options? Totally different from what we have in America! They offer up foods like chicken wings and a burger topped with fried gouda cheese sticks, and then, there are the McShaker fries. You dump your fries into a bag, pour in the seasoning (in this case, it was a packet of sour cream and onion seasoning) and shake it up to coat the fries. That sounds so good! 

For dessert, he had a waffle cone McFlurry — and yes, the machine was working. 

Normally, we'd think to avoid chain restaurants while traveling abroad so we can really take in the local culture, but now, we're starting to think McDonald's is actually part of the local culture.

We may need to start planning a trip just to check this food out.

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