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Tourist Causes an Outrage After Trespassing on Mayan Pyramids

When traveling anywhere in the world, it's just common sense to be respectful of historical sites. Many historical sites in the world hold great religious or cultural significance, and parts may be off-limits for the sake of preservation. Be respectful, follow the rules- basically, don't do what this person did.

The Australian channel @9news shared a shocking video to their TikTok account of a tourist climbing the Kukulkán Pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico. Breaking the no-climbing rule, she also danced at the top- to the outrage of the crowd.

Honestly, we were a bit astonished by the extent of the crowd's outrage at first! However, their intense reaction is much more understandable when you take some things into account. First of all, even with the no-climbing rule aside, the dancing at the top was very disrespectful because... "It shocks me how many people don't realise that these temples are tombs. As in people laid to rest. This is a grave," explained @muthamac. No matter where you're from, dancing on top of a grave is never ok.

Secondly, while there was a time when tourists could climb this pyramid, it has since been closed for conservation reasons. "...It was because the damage of 1000s of steps were too costly to constantly repair. The sweat from 1000s of people walking the tunnels were extremely difficult to get out. It was actually eroding and disintegrating the pyramid. This is what they told us while visiting," @ladyscimitar explained the destructive effect the tourism was having. When a person breaks the rules and climbs the pyramid, they are contributing in some small way to the gradual destruction of a millennia-old temple and part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. No wonder that crowd was so angry!

Commenters were infuriated with her disrespect of the historical site as well. "I wouldn't even let my kids touch the Chichen Itza. I told them to respect it. and it's a treasure. It's a piece of history. I couldn't imagine this!" chided @jennifermmcleod. "She thought the crowd was cheering her on, and she was coming down to a hero's welcome, judging by the posing and prancing. She soon found she was mistaken," @itsgoodtochalk laughed.

"It's not up for debate. Walking up is out of bounds now. If you came to see it, respect that," @jpisme3. Well said. For her out-of-bounds trek, this tourist now faces a $5000 fine!

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