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Video of the Crazy Long TSA Line at Maui Airport Couldn't Be More Chaotic

One of the worst things about the airport is getting stuck in a long TSA line. That's the reason why you end up getting to the airport at 6 am for a 9 am flight- you never know if the TSA line will breeze on by or become a super-slow nightmare.

This summer, airline travel has been fraught with difficulty for millions of airline passengers worldwide, and it seems that TSA lines have been getting longer and crazier over the past few months as a result. Nowhere is this more apparent than in this video from TikTok user @rossta4i, showing his experience in the TSA line at the Maui/Kahului Airport in Hawai'i. This line isn't just long, it goes out the door...WAY out the door!

OMG! That 100% has to be the absolute worst TSA line we've ever seen. It stretches all the way out to the street! There's no way that line isn't hours and hours long. Whatever conditions led to the line ending up like this, this is ridiculous.

Naturally, commenters were shocked too. User @kmakaz said "I cannot understand how the state allows this to happen?! They really need step up Kahului Airport." "I would swim back before waiting in this line," commented user @shuaigesurfer. Honestly, that would probably be faster!

Apparently this isn't even the worst that it gets at Maui Airport. "Last week I saw the TSA line for departures backed up PASSED ARRIVALS into the taxi area," said @808justme. Geez... that's mindbogglingly bad.

It seems like the airport lacks the infrastructure or staff needed to handle this level of traffic. This reflects a common complaint shared by many Native Hawai'ians of late, who are requesting that tourists choose alternative vacation destinations to Hawai'i, as many feel that the overwhelming tourism traffic has been putting too much stress on the environment, infrastructure, and economic conditions for Native Hawai'ians in the islands. Even the video's creator @rossta4i, a Native Hawai'ian himself, hashtags the video #toomuchtourist. Considering how crowded and overwhelmed that TSA line is, can you blame him for his frustration?

Keeping all this in mind, it may be advisable to try an alternative vacation destination this year. One suggestion? Skip the TSA lines, baggage check, and airport all together- hop in a car and hit the highway for a cross-country road trip!

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