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Video of the First Snowfall at 'Maroon Bells' in Aspen Makes Us Want to Take a Hike

With fall fast approaching, now is a good time for hikers who wish to explore Colorado to head out to the beautiful Rocky Mountain state and take in the scenery before the winter makes many hikes impassable. If you're already feeling a chill in the air there, though, don't be too surprised- some of the mountains are already experiencing their first snowfall of the season!

TikTok user @denverdogguide is dedicated to showing off the best activities and destinations to visit all over Colorado- especially if they're dog friendly. While hiking in Aspen near the Maroon Bells, they looked up to see that the twin peaks are already experiencing a snowfall!

Just to put emphasis on how incredible this is- it's still technically summer right now. However, up at that altitude, it doesn't take much to coax a snowfall from the sky. The amazing juxtaposition of this scene- the calm, clement weather in the valley and the impressive snowfall in the mountains- makes this look almost cinematic. We can only imagine how beautiful this must look in person for hikers there now. We know we wish we were there hiking that trail right now too.

Of course, not everybody is thrilled about the early snowfall. "So beautiful. Planning to hike the four pass loop first few days of October! Fingers crossed it doesn’t snow too much by then!" shared @carley_odonnel. "Backpacking conundrum this weekend. Not thrilled about the snow lol," admitted @lordstonk. Beautiful though it may be, we can see how snow can put a damper on hiking plans... especially if one gets caught in it! "We got caught at the summit of Elbert this morning in the middle of that storm 😳, recalled @lborneman13. Brr! Glad they got down OK!

Still, more people are just happy for the coming fall weather. "Thanks for posting this!! Heading out to Maroon Bells this weekend for two weeks in the hopes of catching the transition of the leafs," thanked @angelc9116. "Fall colors starting to show 🍁," @daltorado admired. "Yet it's 90+ degrees in Indiana this week, I want fall weather already," @samantha.sullivan17 lamented. We hear that- after this insane summer we've had, milder weather cannot come soon enough.