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Video of 'Mini-Homes' on the Ocean in Norway With Views for Days Have Us Mesmerized

Outside of Europe, Norway's coastline is often underappreciated. The southern part of Norway is home to some truly spectacular coastlines and welcoming beach towns, and the videos we've seen of tourists exploring Norway's many cliffs, inlets, and bays have left us pining for the fjords. Even further north in Norway, though, tourists can still experience beautiful oceanic views.

The Manshausen Sea Cabins (website linked) may sit on an island above the Arctic Circle, but that doesn't stop them from offering guests an absolutely gorgeous stay in one of their seven glass cabins. Icelandic TikTok influencer @asasteinars stayed in one of these cabins, and we were blown away by the panoramic view of the Norwegian Sea from her cabin.

Now that is a darling little cabin- so simple and sleek-looking. Looking past its unassuming exteriors, though, the interior is a modern marvel with a view to die for. Can you imagine resting in bed and looking out that window as the Northern Lights fill the sky? We'd never forget it.

Now, of course, one may be concerned about one factor of these cabins: in a small cabin above the Arctic Circle where one side is all glass- how do you stay warm? We weren't the only ones wondering: "That's not a home. That's a fishing shack with large windows. Notice how her winter garb never comes off," critiqued @j03jo3. However, the situation isn't nearly so dire. The cabins are closed from November through February for the roughest months of the year, and each cabin's unique design is based on functionality and comfort- even in the Arctic climes, the guests stay warm. Plus, among the island's other amenities, there's a lovely spa and sauna.

The cabin certainly enticed the video's viewers. "I think I could live there 😂❤️," remarked @izabenschop (except from November to February, right?). "This is so perfect," @ninasbookshelf breathed. Before today, we never thought an Arctic vacation would call our names. However, after seeing these cabins, it's all we can think about!

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