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Man's Totally Embarrassing Encounter With TSA Agent Is As Epic As It Gets

Let's be honest. Flying really isn't quite what it used to be back in the day, especially with all the extra layers of (absolutely necessary) security we all have to go through. And if going through the screening line is a drag for passengers, just think about how TSA agents feel. They encounter so many people on a daily basis, and it's really rare for them to strike up any sort of casual conversation.

That's why TikTok creator @jackglitched was so taken by surprise when a TSA screener not only engaged him in some small talk, but gave him a pretty huge compliment. In a new video, he describes how it all went down. After going through security, one of the agents looked at him and said, "You're hot!" He was, of course, thrilled, and replied with, "OMG, thank you! I was actually having a really bad day, and this totally made it better." And here's where the "totally embarrassing" part comes in. Check out his video for the explanation of what this woman actually said to him. 

OMG. "Your hat." D'oh! Is this one of the finest examples of an epic humiliation, or what? This poor dude. No wonder the caption on the video reads, "If you need me, I'll be crying in a shower in Vegas." People are getting such a great laugh out of what happened to this guy. One commenter, @Jax joked, "You heard what you heard. Confidence is key 😂." HA! So true. 

Another TikTok user, @K Bear added, "LMAO this is something I would do 😂." Um, a lot of us would. And not surprisingly, plenty of people couldn't wait to let this guy know that he IS hot, and one even got a little flirty with him. @Erin McKernan said, "It’s the humility for me 😏😅. You’re definitely someone I’d see in an airport and hope you’d see me sitting alone at the bar and would approach me 😂🫣." This sounds like TikTok's bolder version of "sliding into someone's DMs."

At any rate, we're glad Jack shared his story with us, as we've all had moments where we feel like a deer in the headlights. Who else wonders what the TSA agent's reaction was to his misinterpretation? We'd pay to hear that.