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Man's Crazy Air Travel Experience Sounds Like Something Out of a Sitcom

Anytime you go on a flight, you want your trip to be a smooth as possible- no delays, no missed connections, no awkward interactions, just smooth sailing... er, flying. You never know what life will throw at you though, and sometimes things get crazy whether you want it or not. As long as the situation isn't too drastic, you can at least try to find the humor in it!

One man, TikTok user @conajam_, looked for the humor in his most recent trip to the skies, during which things got awkward for him. The description for this video, where he recounts his story, says "Felt like I was on a Curb episode" and honestly, after hearing it, it sounds like an accurate description of the scenario!

Oof... that was a bumpy ride from start to finish. Trying to navigate an airport hungover, misreading social cues, rude passengers stealing your seat... this whole story was a cocktail of awkward. And yeah, it totally sounds like he was dropped into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, or even Seinfeld! Maybe he can sell his story to Larry David.

The commenters seemed to agree, joining in with their own riffs. "This episode would be called “The Schooch”" said user @jubejubey2000. The video's creator improvised some dialogue: "Jerry: “he scooched?” George: “he scooched, Jerry! He scooched!”" LOL, we can see the whole episode playing out in our heads now.

Other commenters, however, were struck by just how rude the seat-stealer was. "Isn’t it open seating once you first get on the plane tho, not halfway thru? 😅" asked @sam___214. In true Seinfeld fashion, some chimed in with how they would enact their revenge. "One of the great things about puking on command is I can use it to make people get away from me, especially on flights" said user @resplendent_cryptid. User @savisavs09 commented "I would have farted in the middle seat the rest of the flight." LMAO, these are awful... but not as awful as the heinous crime of seat-stealing!

We hope @conajam_'s next flight is less eventful. At least this whole situation resulted in a new slogan for Southwest Airlines, coined by user @kristinjean0803: "Shuffle your feet, lose your seat."

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