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Video of Couple Attempting to Hike the 'Manitou Incline' Has People Sweating

Whether you're an avid outdoor enthusiast, love hiking mountain trails, or are super into cardio, Manitou Springs, Colorado has an exciting challenge in store for you! In Manitou Springs, there is the Manitou Incline. Originally built as a cable car path to transport materials up Pike's Peak, it was decommissioned and turned into a walking path. However, this trail is just as steep as it was when it held a cable car- it gains 2,000 feet in elevation in just under a mile of length!

Are your calves burning reading this? We don't blame you. However, this challenging trail attracts tons of athletes, mountaineers, and hikers every year. One such hiker, TikTok user @heyjordantate, attempted this climb with her husband. We're out of breath just watching this!

Oh my gosh... we honestly didn't expect them to make it all the way to the top! That climb looked agonizing... but we suppose that's what makes hitting the end all the more satisfying. The views were worth it too, although we got dizzy at a few of those looks back down the trail!

What did their viewers think of their climb? "2 things -He’s annoyingly not winded at all. & I really think there should be something large, soft, & squishy available to face plant in at the top." said @jesiemariee. LOL, true on both accounts. "Those were the front steps to my grandparents' school but they were covered in snow." joked @tonyoftiktoc. Ha! When Grandpa talks about walking up a snowy hill both ways to school, we know he's not talking about THIS hill!

One thing that both we and many of the commenters wondered about, though- good job climbing up, but what about going back down? User @jaquelines_19 commented "There's a trail to go down but it's longer than the stairs. Definitely easier though." Great... more walking, and on tired shaky legs too. User @heartfulheather had a great idea though: "They should build a zip line to get down." Honestly, a zipline ride that wild would almost make the hike worth it!

Interested in attempting this climb yourself? Be sure to warm up well, as the climb can take a couple of hours and is very steep the whole way up. And as user @paperwing3 advises, "HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! Altitude sickness is REAL!" Well said!