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Man Forced to Use British Accent to Navigate Car to Manchester Airport and We're Howling

Even the cars in the U.K. expect proper English.

Technology can be a beautiful thing while traveling. How did we get around a new city before Google Maps? But sometimes, using that technology can get a bit complicated, especially when differences in language and even accents comes into play. 

One man learned this the hard way when he was trying to drive to Manchester Airport in England. The man, @mistagurley, shared what happened when that the car he wasn't driving didn't understand his American accent, leaving him no choice but to pretend to be British. LOL!

The car's GPS voice system didn't understand him the first time, but when he asked to navigate to Manchester Airport while doing his best English accent, the car followed his command perfectly. It's hard not to laugh at this one. Hey, when in England... 

Out of the hundreds of people who commented on the video, most of them were getting a good kick out of the man's predicament.

"'Ello, guv' instead of 'hey, Google,'" one person joked. 

Another user added, "Next, it's going to start charging you taxes." 

One person explained that the issue was likely that the car was set to UK English and not American English, which would be an easy fix, though not nearly as hilarious. 

If nothing else, this is a good tip for any of us from the United States who may find ourselves renting a car in England in the future. Why not try to fit in?