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Man Asks TikTok to Help Him Find 'Soul Mate' He Met on Delta Flight and People Are Invested

Missing your shot with a person you have a connection with is one of the worst feelings of regret someone can have. After all, it's tough enough to meet anyone the old-fashioned way these days, so you have to take advantage of chance encounters when you run into them. One man knows this feeling all too well, and that's why he's taken to TikTok in the hopes of finding a woman he recently took a Delta flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta with. 

He actually went so far as to make a dedicated TikTok account, @flight1707, in the hopes of finding this person, who he cannot stop thinking about. Check out the video and see if you might recognize her from the details he gave! 

Aww! He sounds so genuine. We can't believe he made a TikTok account JUST to try and find this woman who he met in that airport terminal. He's hoping the TikTok algorithm will be able to figure out who she is. Hey, stranger things have happened, right? The power of social media can be pretty incredible, so you never know! He just might have some success here.

People are rooting for him as well, like user @hbsmith12, who said, "I live in ATL. I’ve posted on Facebook. Is this all the information you have? Does she live in ATL? Or another suburb?" To which the creator responded, "she just said Atlanta, born and raised". OMG, we love that  people are trying to help him!

People are so invested in this story and want him to find her! Thankfully, he has been keeping his fans in the know with his latest update. 

Aww. We love how he has taken a greater meaning out of this experience. Even though it's been a week since he shared his first video, his viewers are still on the edge of their seats. User @charlene_lance, noted, "I’ve been watching every day, hoping to hear something. Good luck." Hopefully, he'll find his mystery girl soon. And if he does? We think they need to create a TikTok account together to let the world know how this possible love story plays out! 

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