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Man Shares Specific Apps He'd Never Travel Without and We're Pretty Intrigued

The advent of smartphone technology has made travel much easier. From Google Maps to Expedia and everything in between, there are tons of apps to help us book good travel and accommodation deals, find us the best way to our destination, and generally make the process of traveling easier, quicker, and safer!

TikTok user @travelbyram, or just Ramzi for short, is a seasoned traveler who has built up a roster of travel apps that he just can't do without. He recently did a brief two-part series on a couple of these apps. Let's hear what he has to say- maybe some of these apps could be useful in your future travels! First up:

This one is really interesting. It almost seems to fill a similar function as Google Maps, but with more travel options included! Ramzi also has a personal gripe with Google Maps: "Google isn’t as accurate from what I’ve seen. It’s only good in big cities... I’ve found bus and ferry routes on R2R that didn’t show up on Google Maps. That’s why I prefer it." The app had a few glowing recommendations in the comments, such as from @victoriaalice44: "I second Rome 2 Rio!!! Saved my life so many times!"

Sounds intriguing. What else does Ramzi have for us?

Ok, heck yes. We're always looking for good deals on flights, but there's a lot of conflicting information out there, especially when you're just searching on Google. This aggregator looks simple and user-friendly!

One user,, offers some advice regarding the use of this app: "Once you find the flight on any website, then go to the airline’s website directly to book. That way, when there are issues you can get support." Ramzi agreed: "Yes! This is exactly what I do." This makes sense to us as well- use the app for its excellent search engine, but book directly through the carrier in case there are any issues.

Thanks for the hot tech tips, Ramzi!