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Man Captures the Feeling of Having an Empty Seat Next to Him on the Plane in Hilarious Video

When most of us travel, we hope and pray the seat next to us stays empty, and if you're lucky enough, your row stays empty. On a long flight, having just a little bit more room can mean all the difference. We all know what that feeling is like!

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @staceyharkey1, this guy perfectly captures the reaction and feelings of pure elation that happen when you realize you're about to take off without having to deal with anyone sitting next to you. Check out the look on his face, which will totally crack you up! 

This is SO spot on and SO funny! It's the best feeling ever when the plane door closes and you have the row all to yourself. People are chiming in on this wonderful moment and reminiscing about times where they had the row to themselves on a flight. Like user @grindrngrill, who said, "This is visceral. I felt this in my bones." LOL, right? You can just feel the happiness oozing through the screen! 

Another TikTok user, @mollypolly621, recalls their favorite flight experience just because they were able to have room. "My best flight ever was London to Chicago. About 60 people on the plane, and we were told sit where we want. I had an ENTIRE row of 3 seats to myself!" WOW, how lucky!

Especially on a long-haul flight, having the row to yourself can be a true miracle. One commenter, @lilcashley, added, "And if it’s on an international flight, might as well buy a lottery ticket cause luck is on your side." HA! This is just so true. 

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