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Man's Unique Encounter With His Flight Seatmate Is Straight Out of a Hallmark Movie

Sitting next to a stranger on the plane can be the one of the worst or best experiences. It basically all depends on who that random person is sitting 2 centimeters away from you. You might get a chatty Cathy who wants to tell you her life story. Or perhaps you'll wind up next to someone who doesn't realize that the arm rest is meant to be shared. But then there are those times when you totally hit it off with a fellow passenger and make a new friend during your trip.

What happened to one dude on a recent flight took that whole scenario to the next level. In a video that was shared on TikTok by @samhrealestate, he explains just how well he got along with the woman who happened to be sitting next to him. This is seriously like something straight out of a Hallmark movie.

OMG. Wedding dates?! Does stuff like this ever happen in real life? The answer is no. Like this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. People who watched the clip are hoping this turns out to be an epic love story. TikTok user @kjread, said, "Great story for the kids one day." Kids? Can you even imagine? It would be too cool if these two wound up together. 

One commenter even experienced something similar that gives all of us hope that we may find our soul mate on a plane one day. User @matthewbarry601 said, "I had a similar incident a long time ago.... Been married 30 years. 😏 Wow! The next time you're on a plane, maybe introduce yourself to the stranger next to you. They just might turn out to be your soul mate.

As for the adorable couple in the video? We need an update, stat!