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Man's Joke About Leaving the Hotel Room Each Day So His Girlfriend Can 'Do Her Business' Is Too Real

Any girl will tell you this is the worst part of traveling with your partner.

While going on a trip with your significant other is a great way to spend some quality, romantic time together, sharing a hotel room and living in close quarters isn't exactly conducive to leaving a little mystery in your relationship. Some people are truly uncomfortable with doing their business (if you know what I mean) in front of the person they're dating, especially if the relationship is new. It takes time to get used to the idea! 

But there's one boyfriend on TikTok, @nickkapule, who definitely gets it. In his video, he admitted he leaves the hotel room every day to give his girlfriend some space to answer nature's call, and honestly, many of us would consider this man a hero.

He filmed the video with his front facing camera, showing himself going for a walk in what looks like a tropical location. "When you're traveling with your GF and you have to take the morning walk every morning so she can freshen up (poop) in peace," he wrote.

Hey, we think everyone wins here — he gets some quiet time to himself in a beautiful location, and she gets to have her quiet time without ruining the boundaries she's drawn. And according to the comments on the video, a lot of people out there can relate.

"I make mine leave our own apartment so I can have privacy. Been 10 years," one person admitted.

Being comfortable enough in your relationships to not require this "walk" takes a lot of time — and some people never get there. But if it works for them, we give him props for doing what he can to make his girlfriend feel comfortable!