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Man AirDrops Message to Everyone on the Plane and Gets an Unexpected Surprise

It's easy to get bored on long flights- and chances are if you're bored, there are at least a few others on the plane who are bored with you. Most people would simply settle for putting on some music on their headphones or scrolling through the in-flight movie selection. One man on a recent flight, however, decided to do a little trolling.

TikTok comedian @bestdad_ceo decided to AirDrop a silly message to everyone on board his flight. What he didn't expect was that he would actually get a response!

LMFAO! It's one thing to send off a goofy message to everybody just for the fun of it. Judging by his reaction though, he definitely didn't think anyone would actually take him up on it! What must have the flight attendants thought? LOL!

"Amazes me that people still leave their Airdrop open to anyone," commented @km1212121212. We can kinda get where they're coming from- there was a big news story a couple of months ago where a man on a flight decided to use the AirDrop feature to send nude photos of himself to everyone on board! After that story dropped, we personally would want to turn that feature off while flying! Thankfully, @bestdad_ceo doesn't have that kind of dirty mind... he's just messing around.

"Imaging this becoming a new trend before every takeoff 😂," @badfela laughed. Would that be better or worse than clapping every time the plane lands? "His face 😂," chuckled @lovetotravel0000. "That’s gold," said @benthomasshow.

"😂😂 Send it to all then get freaked out when it works 😂😂," said @mamabear20083, laughing at his shocked reaction. Let's be honest, we're sure a few people have wanted to do something silly like this on their flight but didn't follow through. Well, now you know to be careful what you wish for... you might not be the only prankster on your plane!