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Maltese Pups Live the Dream in Business Class and We're Here for It

Only the best for these pampered pooches.

Not everyone will need to fly with their furry friends, but for those who need to (or even want to), it's nice that the option is available. Traveling with a pup in economy isn't ideal, though — there's already limited space, and most airlines require that they fly in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. We can totally see why those who bring their pets along would prefer to fly business or first class! 

Knowing what a difference a seat upgrade can be for us humans, we're not surprised at all to see that it's a better experience for the dogs, too. On TikTok, traveler @the_doggie_days shared her dogs' business class travel day, and they have no idea the kind of luxury they're living in! 

This owner shared a video of her two Maltese pups all cuddled up in their individual business class seats, looking fully pampered with their cozy blankets and pillows. In one shot, one of the dogs is even looking out the window. We can't begin to imagine what the dogs must have been thinking was going on that day! 

And with the song set to Taylor Swift's viral single "Anti-Hero," of course their owner had to crack the joke that their business class seats were cheaper than tickets to the singer's shows. Given the current Ticketmaster debacle that's still playing out, leaving astronomically priced resale tickets as fans' only option to secure a seat at her upcoming tour for right now, we imagine there are a lot of things that are cheaper! 

"Love Taylor Swift but we’ll 'catch flights not feelings,'" the OP wrote in one of the comments. 

This looks like a dream come true for this owner and her dogs... and everyone else who was on the plane and got to witness this kind of adorableness while boarding.