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Video of Hotel With Glass Floors in the Maldives Certainly Has People Talking

The Maldives, located near India and Sri Lanka, offers its visitors some of the most beautiful oceanic sights in the world. The water is so beautiful, blue, and clear, making a visit to one of the many resorts throughout the Maldives a bucket-list item for lovers of an ocean view. One resort, however, brings the ocean view even more up close and personal... its villas have glass floors!

Australian TikTok user @adamrikys took a trip to the Soneva resort in the Maldives and filmed the hotel he stayed at, showing off its glass floors! Visitors can look below their feet to see their friends and ocean life swimming below, in the dining room, by the bed, and... ON THE TOILET? See for yourself!

We gotta admit, that is an ocean view like no other! The water is absolutely pristine, and getting to see that stingray pass through the whole house was insanely cool. Of course, we were a little concerned about the glass floor right beneath the toilet. While there is some expectation of privacy- as in, visitors tend to only swim underneath their own villas- there's nothing stopping one of your friends from pranking you with a surprise visit, just like Adam did in the video!

Lots of commenters were enthralled by this video, which went viral- currently sitting at over 12 million views! One user, @jameypricephoto, recounted his experience with a similar glass-bottomed villa: "Under our Bora Bora villa, I saw octopus, fish, sting rays, Eagle rays, and sharks." WHOA. Like a visit to your own private aquarium! "Me thinking they better shut the doors so the sharks don't jump in 😂😳," commented @user17199987. LOL, what a head trip.

Of course, we weren't the only ones concerned about the potential lack of privacy "Imagine you're wearing a skirt or smth," quipped user @jxssls. "As a kid, I totally would have swam underneath people's villas," said user @plushpuppy2. How encouraging... wonder if this resort is adults only!

Once you get past some of the more unnerving aspects, however, we must admit that these glass floors are a beautiful feature... though we still think we'd rather wait to go on the slide until the sharks have swam out a bit, first.